Check out our selection of 100% LEGAL HHCO VAPE and other HHCO products: Vape, Oil, Buds / Flowers, Gummies, 510 cartridges and Disposable Vape

All products are 100% legal and made in EU from hemp-derived CBD.

Keep out of reach of children. These products are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for active and professional drivers or operators of heavy machinery.

In case of MISUSE, drink and eat sufficiently, possible effects will subside within a few hours.

Do not drive motor vehicles or operate heavy machinery after ingestion.

The products complies with Act No. 167/1998 §5.

Intended for the following purposes; industrial, technical and horticultural purposes.

Not for direct consumption or smoking.

This is a collector's product only.

These products are only for sale to persons over 18 years of age.


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